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About TEDx

TEDx is an independently organised and non-profit TED event which is committed to "Ideas worth Spreading". These ideas and talks are then available for free via TEDxLeamingtonSpa aims to find and celebrate these ideas from some of the most influential minds in the West Midlands.

Our speakers will be sharing stories about their own courage: what it led them to create, and what they learned along the way. You’ll hear from thinkers and watch performers from all walks of life at what promises to be an inspiring event.

What last year's attendees thought...

"Congratulations @TEDxLeam for a truly awesome event yesterday. Inspirational, thought-inspiring and emotional."

"@TEDxLeam well done on a brilliantly well organised and excellent event. So enjoyed hearing all the speakers, loved the music and dance too"

"Thanks to @TEDxLeam for organising a brilliant event - great speakers, music, dance, food, venue & volunteers! Look forward to the next one!"

"Very inspired at @TEDxLeam yesterday. Some great speakers and soundly organised."

2017 Event - Saturday 4th November 2017


This year's Speakers

What's New

Rip it up and start again

Rip it up and start again

16 November 2016

Identity has always been a social construct largely based on how others physically perceive you. Be...

A word from our sponsors...

A word from our sponsors...

05 November 2016

Like all TEDx events, we’re hugely reliant on the support of our partners. Without their...

Can living ‘on the edge’ transform society and future generations?

Can living ‘on the edge’ transform society and future generations?

27 October 2016

Do you have a dream inside of you? A desire to do something a bit crazy or risky? Run a...