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The rhythm of life is a powerful beat 

In engines, In oceans, on the street 

Got my finger on the pulse, got to run, got to leap 

Our urban rhythm, a dance, a race, no sleep 

It’s a cyclical cycle, it’s a binary code 

It’s a cradle to grave rocky old road 

Slow, slow, quick, quick, quickly 

Moving pistons and gears, slowly and slickly, 

The machine has a heartbeat, AI is tick-ticking 

Time’s moving on and our fingers are clicking 

We’re jumping and thumping and raging and shouting 

Big data, mobile dating, androids pouting 

It’s ebb and flow, it’s wax and wane 

A tingle in your Brexit brain 

So join us, explore it, pick, unpick 

Hit us with your algorithm stick


13.10.2018 / VENUE: THE ASSEMBLY 



What last year's attendees thought...

"Congratulations @TEDxLeam for a truly awesome event yesterday. Inspirational, thought-inspiring and emotional."

"@TEDxLeam well done on a brilliantly well organised and excellent event. So enjoyed hearing all the speakers, loved the music and dance too"

"Thanks to @TEDxLeam for organising a brilliant event - great speakers, music, dance, food, venue & volunteers! Look forward to the next one!"

"Very inspired at @TEDxLeam yesterday. Some great speakers and soundly organised."

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