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About TEDx

TEDx is an independently organised and non-profit TED event which is committed to "Ideas worth Spreading". These ideas and talks are then available for free via TEDxLeamingtonSpa aims to find and celebrate these ideas from some of the most influential minds in the West Midlands.

Our speakers will be sharing stories about their own courage: what it led them to create, and what they learned along the way. You’ll hear from thinkers and watch performers from all walks of life at what promises to be an inspiring event.

What last year's attendees thought...

"Congratulations @TEDxLeam for a truly awesome event yesterday. Inspirational, thought-inspiring and emotional."

"@TEDxLeam well done on a brilliantly well organised and excellent event. So enjoyed hearing all the speakers, loved the music and dance too"

"Thanks to @TEDxLeam for organising a brilliant event - great speakers, music, dance, food, venue & volunteers! Look forward to the next one!"

"Very inspired at @TEDxLeam yesterday. Some great speakers and soundly organised."

2016 Event - Rip Up The Rule Book

We’ve all seen those inspirational quotes about ‘stepping outside your comfort zone’ and why we should all do it more often, however in reality actually doing it is harder than it looks.

The scientific reasoning why we stay in our ‘comfort zone’ is to reduce stress and risk, resulting in a more secure mental state. When we dare to step outside of this state and conquer our fears with gusto, amazing things can happen. 

By pushing our boundaries (no matter how small they might be) we are pushing ourselves to operate in a state of ‘optimal anxiety’, which according to scientists is where mental productivity and performance reach their peak – how cool is that?

We at TEDxLeamingtonSpa want to celebrate the heroes who’ve gone against the grain. Have you done something different or crazy? Have you dared to challenge the status quo? We want to explore new approaches to ingrained thinking, whether that’s limitations placed by society or us as individuals. 

It’s up to us to constantly shake things up in our daily lives and to create some much needed disruption. 

Have you ever held a meeting at an assault course? Have you worked a day standing up at your desk? Can we disrupt our daily routine to make life more fresh and interesting to keep us inspired?

We want to address the limitations we place on ourselves and challenge the ‘should’. 

So join us and rip up that rule book!

This year's Speakers

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Rip it up and start again

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A word from our sponsors...

A word from our sponsors...

05 November 2016

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Can living ‘on the edge’ transform society and future generations?

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